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Serving Jeffreys Bay and surrounding area

Welcome to At Yours professional massages.

Established in 2018, At Yours massages offers professional massages in and around Jeffreys Bay.  Based on physio-therapeutic techniques, treatments are individually tailored to suit your specific needs.

Massage offers multiple benefits, both physically and psychologically.  Each day we put so much pressure on our bodies and minds. Now is the time to take care of your body and relax your mind.

At Yours massages offer deep thorough massages which targets chronic tension in the deeper layers. Different therapeutic techniques are used such as deep tissue, effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement.

Massages can take place at the At Yours homebase situated in Wavecrest, Jeffreys Bay or at any location you desire. Having a professional portable table, we can turn any location in a relaxing place to unwind.  

Not one At Yours massages will be the same, but that what makes them really special…


Kelly Tommelein

I Love working with people and enjoy making people feel good!

I am Kelly Tommelein a 38 year Belgium Physiotherapist.

Since I was young it has been always my passion to help people and make people feel good. 

It all started having a mum being a nurse and teacher serving the Red Cross, I was always eager to follow her around and join her to all the events taking place. As soon as i was old enough I started as a first aid nurse during summer times being the first line of support for the lifeguards.  Once graduated I went to the University of Gent were I got a master plus degree in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Sciences.

My physio career started in a rehabilitation center for  children with severe physical disabilities. After several years I looked for a new opportunity and started working as a medical representative. Soon my image of the medical world took a change…. i wasn`t feeling being honest to myself, other people and my goals in life.. So i said goodbye to the commercial side of medicine…. 

As I could not forget the love, energy you get from people after treatment I started as private physio working together with several other physiotherapists.

I wanted to be hands on again & help people!

End of 2016  our family made a life changing decision  by moving to South Africa. We lost our hearts in Jeffreys Bay and i decided to continue doing what i love to do  by starting AtYours.

I strongly believe in the body’s own ability to heal and  strongly believe that manual tissue work can help and stimulate the body to do this. Stress is modern worlds biggest diseases. Massage is one of the therapies that has proven its healing benefits on so many levels 

My massages are based on my knowledge and techniques as a Physio.  So due to the knowledge of all the muscles I can work very specific and bring you into a state of full relaxation.

Having my portable table I can massage you at any location you desire or just come over and spoil/treat yourself at my home practice.

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